Student-Centred Learning – Summary

  • Teacher planning activities based on students´ interests is a great way to increase motivation and engagement.
  • Idea of Genius Hour during which students would work on personal projects.
  • Student-centered project based learning allows students to research, plan, build, write and create.
  • Destination Imagination is a good model for student led learning.
  • Self-directed learning can be challenging in terms of both the curriculum and the status quo, and it takes longer to complete, thus compromising covering the whole curriculum.
  • Units, projects, one learning period each day, can be ways in which to infuse student centered learning activities at the school.
  • There are a number of student centered learning activities at DWKS, such as drama, outdoor education, physical education, etc. This also includes Friday morning advisory challenges at the high school.
  • Student centered learning requires the acquisition of skills and learning that are sometimes prerequisites for learning to happen, as in, for example, proficiency in a foreign language.