Future of Learning

Andreas Schleicher – GESF 2017
  • Most of our school systems are good at ranking human capital but not very good at developing human talent.
  • We need to recognize that those things that are easier to teach and easier to test are precisely the things that are easier to digitize.
  • We used to learn to do the work, now learning is the work.
  • We need to educate students to create their future, not to learn from our past.
  • We are putting global competency at the heart of our next assessment in PISA.

Thomas Friedman – GESF 2017

Activity: How would it look like?

Dr. Schleicher´s drivers for a renewed school system signal a clear path for a new pedagogy, but they need to be contextualized. How would each of them look like in a real school setting?

Please answer the following survey as part of our discussion on how we can reassess our practice.