DI1 – Nature & Outdoors

Connecting children to nature improves quality of life.

We live in a beautiful part of the world.  We want to expose them to opportunities that allow them to become lifelong members of the nature community.  We want to let them see what is ‘in their backyard’. Sustainability is very feasible in our environment – students need to learn this. Learning occurs everywhere!!


Connecting learning to students’ life and the environment in which we are lucky to live. Helping students discover the benefits of living in this area. 

Introducing areas of employment that are of interest and that opportunities exist in our local area.  

Community connections- be a volunteer; support local business; take care of the resources that surround us; (students in turn could see community members supporting our initiatives)


During regular class time example- Teaching math in the forest(measuring circumference of trees; ERC includes teamwork and how to get along – easy to do in the forest/fields)

2 Replies to “DI1 – Nature & Outdoors”

  1. FLEX team feedback.

    We agree – beautifully put.
    Integration of all subjects and cross-curricular.
    Outdoor projects could include many (all?) disciplines.

    We are in! Where do we sign up?

  2. DWKS outdoor ed – Could it be in every grade level? We see great value in our existing outdoor ed program.

    If so, would need to be specifically designed and structured base.

    It would have to be mapped out. Ex. A grade 3 nature art unit.

    *Grade sharing of projects. Ex. Grade 11s Quinzy demonstration to other grades.

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