PD – DWKS Actualized

  • School website to better communicate with community
  • Art and Culture – to include more community involvement and presence
  • Would be nice to have a PPO (Parent engagement in activities)

3 Replies to “PD – DWKS Actualized”

  1. Flex group feedback:

    Website is a real area of need for our school
    Parent portal could replace some features of a web site.
    publishing students’ work could be motivating
    safety is respected as contact is virtual.

    -School website to better communicate with community
    – Advertise it
    – Reflect the reality (enhance and emphasize what we are doing as a school)
    – have portals to links for each classroom/teacher
    – for communication, have it through teachers website/app/digital platform
    – can the primary focus be to drive deeper learning for the students
    -Can it have a part that is only student accessible
    – Provides Student ownership

  3. NATURE AND OUTDOORS FEEDBACK- love all all ideas but will focus on Parent participation
    -roles, regulations and directives defined(collaboratively)
    -change the name PPO to have a fresh start-

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