DI1 – DWKS Actualized

School Website

  • All school information/forms/schedules
  • Teacher information
  • Newsletters
  • Extra Curricular information

*Allow someone (teacher) time within schedule to design and create the website.

2 Replies to “DI1 – DWKS Actualized”

  1. FLEX team feedback

    kid-friendly website
    Could include links to best practices for wellness / COVID safety.
    links to teacher websites
    link to Microsoft TEAMS training for parents
    Grade 11 media class or IP might be able to design / update / manage
    COuld be a project for FLEX team (pages within the site)

  2. Outdoor and Nature team feedback-
    Website to include real time learning and goings -on in the school and not just an information site.
    Current and easy to manipulate

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