DI1 – Flex Time

  • A full afternoon, once per 9-day cycle.  (with flexibility)
  • Whole school involved in idea generation and voting process
  • Each class group democratically chooses from a menu of interest-based options.
  • Groups do not complete the same activity over and over again.
  • Class splits in two and students have choice within the group.
  • Teachers / aides / HS seniors – present showcase proposals


  • Book club
  • Knitting club
  • dancing

3 Replies to “DI1 – Flex Time”

  1. Outdoor and Nature feedback
    – very much like the choice for students
    – initial “area of interests” survey needed to generate list of possible projects
    -feasibility of projects – leader support/expertise; material; space;

  2. Could we have some level of collaboration between groups in the school, via virtual means?
    We still need to have some responsibility/ reflection for the students to see what/how they are learning during this time can be applied in class time (outside of flex)

  3. -May not feasible or attainable.

    -Curriculum connection concerns.

    -Could this be an extra curricular activity, possibly run by high school students?

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