Time & Logistics

Working on instrumental aspects that have to do with time management, scheduling, logistics, and, in general, how to optimize resources within existing constraints.

  • Managing Time
  • Scheduling of recess/bathroom breaks/lunch
  • Daily scheduling needs changes
  • Managing online classroom engagement


Incorporating elements of wellness within the school’s program, specifically addressing stress management, well-being, physical and mental health for both students and adults.

  • Well-being
  • Managing stress in times of great change
  • Physical health of students
  • Preparing for supply teachers
  • Motivation

Student-centred learning

How to gradually incorporate student centered learning practices, analyzing how to develop and implement specific activities and initiatives that are student focused.

  • Online textbooks and workbooks
  • Analyze learning needs of students
  • Student success
  • Engaging, relevant, real.
  • Teacher consistency to support student success.
  • Everyone using the same programs/apps/platforms. Then we can help each other, it’s fair for the kids.
  • Subject groups using a similar app.
  • Teacher collaboration.


Finding opportunities within DWKS curriculum to incorporate some of the online practices into future school models.

  • Creative curriculum design, for example cross cycle.
  • We can’t control the curriculum.
  • Ministry exams are coming back.
  • Reasonable expectations.
  • Assessment.
  • How can you be sure that the work is theirs and not from others.
  • What does competency mean – developmental.