Review and Cross-links

We will now utilize the rubric developed and try to understand the implications of all initiatives put together. Each of the preliminary design ideas will be gauged according to the rubric, and teams will write comments on the documents from other taskforces to help them in gaining significant feedback towards determining which of the preliminary ideas will be carried out.

Compatibility Matrix for Cross-links

We have developed a matrix, which, on a Miro Board, provides a shared space for teams to collaborate in viewing the overall implications of the initiative.

Click here to access the DWKS Project Matrix on Miro

Each task force will complete one Post-it note per section, according to the following color scheme:

  • DWKS Actualized. Blue
  • Nature & Outdoors. Orange
  • Flex Time  Grey
  • Staff Development Pink

Please complete each of the sections with the following information:

  • Students. Specify which classes and/or students are involved, including if there are any requirements for mixed groups.
  • Schedule. When are the planned strategies and activities taking place? What are the concrete demands on the schedule?
  • Spaces. Where will the initiatives take place? What school facilities will be used?
  • Learning. A brief summary of learning activities entailed in the initiative or strategy.
  • Logistics. What materials will be required? Please specify any other logistics implications.