The Learning Cohort

Agustina Lualdi

Agustina has had an eclectic journey that includes degrees in Physical Education, Advertising and postgraduate work in Educational Management. After various roles in different areas and activities, she returned to her true calling, education, teaching and being a member of the leadership team at different schools. She is cofounder of The Learnerspace, an educational consulting firm dedicated to furthering change in education and Project Director at The Global School, where she is channeling her strong belief that education can truly become a tool for students to develop a sense of strong self-awareness and develop lifelong health and fitness habits.

Gabriel Rshaid

Gabriel is the co-founder and Director of The Learnerspace, a company whose mission is to help build the future of learning. He is also co-founder of The Global School, the first school of its type in Latin America, attempting to make educational change a reality. Formerly  Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the oldest bilingual school in the world, he is a passionate educational futurist who is intent on sharing his belief that it is the best time in history to be an educator. Gabriel is the author of five books, and has contributed as a co-author to numerous other books and anthologies. A former board member of ASCD and chair of ESSARP, he has spoken and led professional development workshops all over the world, working with educators to help create the future of education.
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