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Whats your favorite game on PC?

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It used to be that PC gamers would stick with one type of game, such as racing, strategy, or role-playing, but now this isn't the case.

There are so many different types of PC games, it's really amazing. There are RTS games, action games, strategy games, shooting games and simulation games. So the question remains, "What is your favorite game on PC?" If you aren't playing any of these, then you need to check them out. You'll probably find something you like.

One of the most popular games of all time is Age of Conan. This game has a very unique style of play. For example, instead of having the players killing every monster they run into, they have to level up their characters. Once they reach a certain level, they have to defeat the last boss in the area. This makes the entire game very slow, especially when trying to do anything more than simply kill and move on. However, the graphics and sound make up for the slow pace, and the game certainly holds its own during battle.

Second place goes to another PC game that wasn't even meant to be a PC game, but that PC gamers still enjoy to this day: Baldur's Gate: Swords and Blood. This game is a hidden object game where you have to investigate a museum. You will have to search through its many rooms, which include a dragon's den, and figure out how the artifacts are doing. Some of the scenes are incredibly detailed, including blood spattered walls and furnishings.

Fall Of Rome is one of those PC gaming franchises that most gamers either love or hate. For those of you in the latter camp, allow me to inform you that you haven't really got a chance to love it or hate it yet. This game is the follow up to the popular Fall Of Rome game which was also developed by the makers of Temple of Elemental Evil. The comparisons between Fall Of Rome and Temple Of Elemental Evil are quite obvious.

In third place is another PC game that not only dominated the gaming industry for three years, but has continued to do so. That game would be World of Warcraft. It is widely known as one of the most addicting and well designed games of all time, and also one of the most popular MMORPG games of all time as well. While it doesn't have quite the following of other games in the genre, it does have its own fan base. I personally think it deserves the rank of my favorite game on the PC because of its excellent gameplay, and a fantastic user interface.

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